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Our Games

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Lucky Wolf Casino

Lost Treasures Slots

Bingo Gem Rush

Slots Inferno

Liberty Eagle Slots

Golden Dragon Slots

Our Crew

Meet the intrepid crew at the helm of Rocket Games

Bill Gelpi

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Jian

Chief Technology Officer

Niko Vuori

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Cooper

Chief Creative Officer

Duncan Barton

Creative Director

Darren Allarde

General Manager

Cory Johnson

Principal Engineer

Myk Suavillo

Creative Director

Ian Guthridge

Principal Engineer

Mark Troyer

Principal Engineer

Brent Tam

Special Operations

Dwayne Marley

Senior Art Director

Nick Rounds

Game Designer

Krysta Curtis

Director of Product

Brian Guenther

Director of Product

David Geisert

Lead Systems Designer

Kaitlyn Gelpi

Operations Manager


Chief Wagging Officer


Food Inspector

The team behind Rocket Games has logged more than 3.5 million Plutonian years of combined game design and development experience and launched tens of thousands of your favorite games. And they're really nice.